12th Annual Anniversary Amado Chili Cook-Off

Randy & Rose Estes Classic Car & Motorcycle Show


Saturday, November 12, 2022
The Amado Territory
3001 I-19 Frontage Road 85645

Chili Cook Registration

How to enter your Chili in this year’s Cook-Off Competition!

Registration Open Until October 26, 2022 

    You can win a trophy and cash prize!

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      Cook Setup opens at 8 am . Chili must be at required temperature ready to serve, by 10:30am. Chili needs to be served from 10:30am to 1pm. Cook chefs are only allowed the allotted gallons of chili to serve and may not be supplied additionally once they run out.

      Please send a jpeg of your restaurant or organization logo and the URL to your website to tbruno@ppep.org so we can add those to the Cook-off website.

      Preparation Requirements

      Chili must be cooked in a commercially licensed kitchen, OR at the event, following conditions and guidelines of the Santa Cruz County Health Department. Chili must be retained at the proper temperature (bring your own thermometer). You must bring your own generator for power (if not using an alternate source of heating such as propane).

      IMPORTANT: Chili Cooks must comply with, and be properly permitted by, the Santa Cruz County Health Department.

      Registration Process:

      Download the Temporary Food Permit Application PDF:

      Temporary Food Permit Application

      - Read the Temporary Event Requirements to learn the new 2022 regulations.

      - Fill out the Temporary Food Permit Application.

      - Sign and Scan the application.

      - Email the application to Tony Bruno, tbruno@ppep.org.

      - Or hand-deliver it to Tony at the Amado Youth Center office in The UU Congregation building at 15 South County Line Rd, Amado 85645.

      Please call ahead to assure someone is there to receive your application.

      - Questions? Call Tony 520-255-4067